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Re-discovering who you are after a lifetime of masking is rewarding yet hard and often lonely work. Considering our most popular course, "Turns Out You're Autistic. Now What?" for gentle guidance as you learn to unmask?

There's no need to travel your path alone.

Come join the "Autastic Social Club", our membership community of late-identified autistic adults who share your quest. Every month in a live event we trade stories, ask questions, and celebrate each of us for who we are. We stay in touch right here in a private, members-only group. Together, this course and community might just change your life.

Because is the home to thousands of adults who learned we're autistic in adulthood, we know that our experiences are unique in the broader autistic community. The "Autastic Social Club" is is where we find ourselves, make friends, and build a better life, together.

Membership Perks

Subscribe to the "Autastic Social Club" and get 40% off "Turns Out You're Autistic. Now What?"

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Get "Turns Out You're Autistic" ($85 value) for $50 PLUS monthly access to the "Autastic Social Club".