Start Your Journey

With A Little Help From Friends

The Intrepid Explorers experience offers the opportunity to "onboard" to your new autistic life with one-on-one personal support

If you've recently learned that you've been autistic this whole time or if you've received diagnosis in the past six months, this experience is for you!

The Experience

In a limited cohort of no more than 8 explorers, we will meet virtually once per month for three consecutive months. 

Each session is designed to be a supportive, intimate virtual environment in which participants may explore this transformative period in community. 

As part of the upcoming cohort, you'll be able to:

  • Ask questions in-person
  • Compare notes with peers
  • Get personalized recommendations
  • Share your story
  • Gain context & perspective
  • Connect with new friends who get you



Diane J. Wright

Diane J. Wright is founder of, the premier resource and community for late-identified autistic adults. Join us and start living your best autastic life.

Come Dive In

Why fumble through alone when you can feel the support of others who understand on a deep level

Better Together

Intrepid Explorers is a peer support space. It is not intended to offer therapy or professional counselling (here's a link to access the BetterHelp counsellor matching service if that better fits your needs)

Your guide will facilitate discussion, provide resources, and answer questions based on research and personal experience as a late-identified autistic adult who has moderated discussion groups with thousands of members over several years.

Reframe your past and shift your present with others who are travelling the same road. This is your personalized, guided introduction to your new life!

The Next Voyage

Our maiden voyage has set sail! The next expedition will depart when seats in our virtual submersible fill. Registration holds your place in line.

Note: Should there be too few registrants, enrollment fees will be refunded in their entirety.

Too Soon?

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Image credits (in order of appearance):  Kalen Emsley via Unsplash. Peter Fazekas, Andrea P Coan, Joshua Woroniecki, and Miles Hardacre via Pexels.